Family Dispute Resolution can be voluntary and is also the necessary dispute resolution process for parenting disputes before Court. Family Dispute Resolution is also called FDR. It is a process to manage discussions between the family about your children. It is controlled by the independent third party family dispute resolution practitioners, where families in conflict come together in a safe environment to settle parenting disputes.

At SHAW Dispute Resolution, our practitioners are registered with the Attorney General’s Department as family dispute resolution practitioners or FDRPs. They are also nationally accredited mediators under NMAS and legally trained. They take a neutral, non-judgmental stance, so you can be frank and honest about your concerns for your children. FDR takes place in private and is mostly facilitated as a face-to-face discussion in a venue where you feel most comfortable and at a time suitable to you.

We always interview you to ensure that your situation is appropriate for FDR before we spend the time with you to ensure you feel respected, listened to and heard. Our FDRPs encourage active listening between everyone and work to level the playing field and keep everyone safe. In addition, the FDRP’s control the process and set the ground rules and allow you to control what is to be discussed and the outcome agreed. This leads to mutually satisfying and lasting outcomes for the children while preserving relationships as best as possible for the sake of the whole family.

From start to finish, FDR can be fast and only take three weeks to three months to resolve all concerns. The FDRP keeps everyone focused on the children, and the future for your family while moving forward as fast as the slowest parent to keep up.

By choosing mediation you can minimise long term stress, avoid the cost of the family Courts and achieve your desired outcome at all levels, leaving you with more time to spend with your children and family and move past legal difficulties.


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Thank you to Ali and your team for your prompt actions in organising the mediation. I have received amazing feedback from those involved about Ali’s calming but methodical approach to ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to be heard, raise their concerns and come up with solutions.  I am confident that with Ali’s help we have put in place a plan for future success. Thanks again for helping us work through the issues and get this great outcome for all.

Tori, People Vision (for Skycity)

November 2018